3 peaks challenge.

Each season we support and guide hundreds of people and groups taking on the 3 peaks. From individuals and groups of friends, to charity and corporate groups. Whether for charity fundraising or just for fun.

Our mountain leaders and drivers have completed the challenge many times over the years and know it inside out and the best ways to maximise the chances of successfully completing.

All of our guides are qualified Mountain Leaders and are certified by the MTA (Mountain Training Association). They are confident and experienced on the mountains in any conditions.

Transport is a critical part of the challenge, we transport you between all of the mountains and one of the main advantages we have over other companies is that we do not outsource this element to a third party.

We run an open bus at weekends frequently throughout the season; just send us an email or give us a call to check latest availability.

For group / private bookings you can choose any date to suit you depending on availability.

Typical Itinerary

12 noon pick up at Glasgow International Airport or Central Train Station.

14.30 Arrive at Ben Nevis and shop for food and any last minute equipment.

15.30 Begin the challenge on Ben Nevis.

20.30 Finish Ben Nevis and set off for Scafell Pike.

02.30 Start Scafell Pike.

06.30 Finish Scafell Pike and drive to Snowdon.

11.30 Arrive at Snowdon and begin the climb.

15.30 Finish Snowdon.

18.30 Drop off at Crewe or Chester Station.

For more detailed information please get in touch.

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What is the 3 peaks challenge

There is nearly half a century of tradition involved with the 3 peaks challenge with lots of variations in style. The typical challenge though involves climbing

  • Ben Nevis Scotland’s biggest mountain at 1344 meters
  • Scafell Pike England’s biggest mountain at 978 meters
  • Snowdon, the biggest mountain in Wales at 1085 meters.

To complete the 24 hour challenge you must start at the foot of Ben Nevis and finish at the foot of Snowdon having reached all three summits in under 24 hours.

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We are aware of the negative impact three peaks challenge events can have. Mainly littering, erosion to the mountain caused by people deviating from paths, anti social driving, the carbon footprint, getting lost and needing to call mountain rescue and defecating on the mountains.

We feel that most of the instances of the above are caused by self guided groups who have not employed the services of a company such as ourselves. As a responsible operator we make sure that we address all of the above issues.

All of our team are professional outdoor pursuits instructors and passionate about the mountains where they spend much of their time. They have worked for years to gain professional qualifications to allow them to guide in the mountains. We operate a “leave no trace” policy and support charities which work towards the preservation and maintenance of the mountainous areas, national parks and footpaths that we use. With respect to the carbon footprint of the challenge, we think that a group of people would have a similar carbon footprint over the 2 day period if they were not taking part in the challenge.

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Our typical itinerary means that no accommodation is needed which helps to keep the overall cost of attempting the challenge down. However if you prefer to arrive at Ben Nevis or Glasgow the night before, to begin the challenge early the next morning, then we will arrange to collect you whenever is best for you. Our guides will often stay in the same accommodation. (Just to make sure you don’t stay up too late!).

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Your Preperation

Everyone is different and will need to prepare for the challenge in different ways. There is much information available online as to what is entailed with taking on the 3 peaks challenge and people should make themselves aware of this.

We are happy to discuss individual requirements with members of the group and help people decide what preparation they may need to do before hand.

We can arrange training days or weekends with our staff where you can head out into the hills to get a taste of what the challenge will be like and some idea of your own level of readiness. You can also learn about navigation and safety on the mountain.

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Being based in The Lake District ‘The Adventure Capital of England’, a place which many professional mountaineers, guides and instructors call home; we have managed to bring together a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced  people to work with us.

All of our staff hold nationally recognised  Mountain Leader qualifications and are certified by the MTA (Mountain Training Association). They have spent their working lifetime guiding and instructing in mountaineering and climbing; both in the UK and around the world.

Alongside the usual required kit for leading groups on the mountains we also utilize satellite phones, GPS and radio communications for added safety.

We keep our ratios small and follow current best practice outlined by our national governing bodies.

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Depending on where you are starting from we may be able to pick you up at the start of the challenge and drop you off afterwards. We usually find that groups make their own way by train or plane to Glasgow on Saturday morning, arriving for pick up between 10 am and 12 noon. We do often get asked if we can collect and drop off in locations such as London, this would add an many extra hours of minibus travel time onto the challenge and in fact increase the time needed to complete by an extra day. Flights from London to Glasgow are from around £25 and take just 1 hour, this is a very sensible option.

Transport is in comfortable modern minibuses. You will not be travelling on a 50+’s seat coach with 50+’s other people as with many other provides.

Its your challenge and any stops you wish to make along the way either for food, the toilet or whatever can be made no problem. However people who really want to complete the 24 hour challenge have been known to wee in bottles to avoid having to stop the minibus!.

If you would like to use your own transport then this is not a problem.

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Sail the 3 peaks.

Sail the 3 Peaks

Sailing between the peaks and cycling into them from the coast. This is the ultimate way to try the 3 peaks challenge. It cant be done in 24 hours (usually 3 – 6 days) but the aim is to complete in the fastest time possible.

We own and sail our own yachts, one 44 ft Ovni and one 38 ft Bavaria. Ideal for groups of up to 6 people with a maximum of 12 across our 2 boats leaving space for our staff.

We also organise bespoke mountain challenge events around the west coast of Scotland using our boats to sail between peaks and islands.

If you are considering sailing the 3 peaks or taking part in the 3 peaks yacht race, to see our boats please visit www.scottishyachtcharters.co.uk

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